Book Your All-Inclusive Carnival Experience Today!

Book Your All-Inclusive
Carnival Experience Today!

saga 2023

As an all-inclusive experience for Bahamas Carnival, and to ensure that our masqueraders have a memorable carnival experience, we go above and beyond to ensure we offer well designed, high quality costumes to go along with the  excellent entertainment and loads of amenities we provide for the road.

And after a year of following the rules, we present the Year of Anarchy, no more of the man’s rules, we are creating our own carnival-utopia- just road and vibes!


Creative Eos 1


The ancient goddess of the dawn, this is the beginning.

designed by:

Douglas John

photographed by:

Michelle Jorsling


All costumes are custom-made therefore, there will be:-

  • NO exchanging or switching of sections.
  • NO changing of measurements or sizes.
  • NO costume transfers.